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The Day Date

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Ladies and Gentlemen, I would like to introduce you to a little thing called The Day Date.

Sarah extolled the virtues of the Day Date last week  and I just couldn’t agree more.  Dave and I have been enjoying day dates from time to time since we had kids.  You see, we were married for seven years (7!) before William was born.  Which means we had seven years together, just the two of us.  And for seven years we rarely had “real dates” (translation: you both get dressed up, then you go out alone to a fancy restaurant).  Instead, our “couple” time was spent running around town (in our casual clothes) going places like Home Depot and The Gap.  When we DID get dressed up to go out, we were meeting other couples for a fun-filled hours-long dinner.

And then we had kids and everything changed.  Suddenly “date night” was filled with pressure.   We’d hired someone (usually at an exorbitant rate) to watch our children so we HAD to “make it special” by getting dressed up and going somewhere expensive, right? Oh!  And don’t forget – we weren’t supposed to talk about the children (who made this rule?).  And we couldn’t possibly invite some OTHER couple on OUR date night.  Because that would be un-romantic (?).

Can I be honest?  Date nights were always a disappointment.  We just put too much pressure on ourselves.

We find that our most enjoyable time together is spent doing mundane things WITHOUT OUR CHILDREN.  Because isn’t that what life IS, really?  Just little errands and casual lunches and things – which are all made just more delightful when you have your best friend along?  You know I’m right!

Last Saturday neighbor Susan’s family (god bless their souls) kept William and Paige for THREE HOURS while Dave and I did things like buy new running shoes, eat sandwiches, and shop at Target.  All while wearing jeans and Converse tennis shoes.  IT WAS FANTASTIC.  It reminded me of our time before kids.  The “just us” time.  And it also reassured me that when the kids grow up and move away we will still remember how to be “just us”.  And we will enjoy it!

Now, I’m serious!  It was the best date ever!

Try a Day Date sometime.  You’ll see.  They’re the best.

Author: Rita Ortloff

highly caffeinated mother of two. part-time homeschooler and marketing manager. full-time wife and mother. lover of books, the ipad, and any animal with fur. hater of spiders and spanx.

One thought on “The Day Date

  1. I AGREE ONE HUNDRED PERCENT. I could have written this post. I saw Sarah’s video too. My history with my husband is like yours with Dave, too. And I totally agree that “Date Nights” are always a disappointment, also. Who wants the pressure?! I’d much rather run around town getting coffee and shopping at Target than going to a fancy restaurant. Hooray!

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