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Etsy! It’s Official! I’m an ARTEEEST!


artloff large

Just now? Just this very minute? I made my sister-in-law hold my hand while I pushed the “open your shop” button on  And while the shop was loading we SQUEEEEEEE’d.

It was very dramatic.

And now you can buy a painting from me from a legitimate site!   I called my shop RitaARTloff for lack of a better idea.  I wanted “The Accidental Artist” or “A Colorful Mess” but dang it if both were taken.

I need you to come up with something better.  Hurry up now and make that happen.

Either way, you should go buy a painting! Yaaaaay!

I’m so excited (And a little skeeerd, because what if no one buys anything! And then I look stupid! YOU’RE ALL GOING TO LAUGH AT ME!)

(If anyone needs me I’ll be hiding in the closet)


Author: Rita Ortloff

highly caffeinated mother of two. part-time homeschooler and marketing manager. full-time wife and mother. lover of books, the ipad, and any animal with fur. hater of spiders and spanx.

3 thoughts on “Etsy! It’s Official! I’m an ARTEEEST!

  1. So excited for you! What a fun adventure. You’re totally legitimate, as made obvious by the paintings now hung in parts of the US – including California.🙂

  2. Congratulations, Rita! I think this is fantastic!

  3. My daughter and I are stalking your paintings on IG. They’re so purdy! She’s in the middle of a room-makeover, so I’m thinking an ARTloff original will pull all the colors together.

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