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While listening to a podcast today I learned that humans have something like 21 senses.  Not 5. Twenty-one!  There’s the sense of hunger, for instance.  It’s a sense! Who knew?

“We have 5 senses” : Myth BUSTED.

Also? Mind BLOWN.

It’s 9pm and here’s a list of my current senses:

Sight: Well, for starters, my laptop screen (duh). And beyond that I see my feet tucked snugly into bed.  A bed which also currently houses an empty laundry basket and the remnants of my bill-paying project from earlier (also done from the warmth of my bed while my children played).

Sound: On the baby monitor (Shut up she’s a BABY.  Ok, she’s 5. Again: shut up) I hear the quiet whir of Paige’s box fan along with occasional swishes of her sheets as she settles in.  Oh, and just now, a wee little yawn.  I also hear, just barely, the sound of Dave learning to play his ukulele upstairs (a souvenir from our recent trip to Hawaii.).

Taste: Toothpaste.  Extra minty.  And it claims to make my teeth whiter.  So far I’m not convinced.  But it’s only been 4 years.  I’ll withhold judgement.

Touch: Keyboard (obvs), with the slight slippery-ness that comes from my extra potent hand lotion (Aveeno Baby in the tube because it has absolutely no smell.  I have a sensitive nose.  I can’t even wear perfume!)

Smell: Shampoo.  I showered before bed.  My shampoo is currently Head and Shoulders because if my scalp (and the rest of my body for that matter) get any drier I will simply disintegrate into a pile of dandruff.

As for my sense of hunger? Eh, I’m always hungry.

Author: Rita Ortloff

highly caffeinated mother of two. part-time homeschooler and marketing manager. full-time wife and mother. lover of books, the ipad, and any animal with fur. hater of spiders and spanx.

4 thoughts on “Sensitive

  1. Glad you’re back!

  2. We used our baby monitor until our kids were like 6 and 8. We finally threw it away (it was practically burned out by that point) a couple years ago. I know. Insane. I had my reasons. And I’m sure you do too.🙂

    • See Shan? This is why we’re friends : )
      I still have a monitor for the simple reason that my kids’ rooms are upstairs and we are down. I would rather her call out if she needs me so that she doesn’t have to navigate the stairs in the middle of the night.

  3. Exactly, Rita! Our bedrooms are all upstairs, but the girls are way down at the end of the hall and the walls in our house are freakily soundproof. I could never hear them calling me without a monitor, and Genevieve was a terrible sleeper who woke up multiple x per night until she was like 5 years old. I preferred hearing her call me vs. having her try to find me in the dark and me waking up to find a child standing by my bedside. (Ack! Terrifying.) Having said all that G. is now a great night sleeper who never wakes up or calls, and the monitor is a distant memory.🙂

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